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Why I am Leaving Private Practice


Dear Patients and Friends,


It is with a combination of both sadness and excitement that I announce that I will be leaving the world of private practice and Access Medical Group effective the end of the day, Monday, September 17, 2007. 


I have loved taking care of you and I have loved working with the staff at Access Medical Group.  However, I have been offered a position at UCLA where I will be responsible for the medical care of the undergraduate and graduate UCLA community. This allows me the opportunity to do what I love most -- focusing on preventative health care. 


I understand that this might be very unsettling to some of you, but I hope you will understand that this very difficult decision was based on my need to create more of balance for myself between my work life and my personal life.  Private practice is all-consuming and my enjoyment of life has suffered.  So, the time has come to focus on not only taking care of others, but taking care of myself as well.


For those of you whom I have cared for these past years it has been a privilege.  I have tried to charm, cajole, lecture, and educate whenever given the chance to do so in hopes of enhancing your overall health.  I hope you continue striving towards better and optimal health even in my absence.


If you are interested in staying at Access Medical Group there are several providers with whom to establish care.  Please see the group’s website at www.accessmedicalgroup.com for bios.


Dr. Ilham Barone is one such provider.  She is a family practitioner, is warm and engaging, an excellent doctor and someone I call a friend.  Dr Edwin Sistoza, a new arrival at Access Medical Group, is an internist with an interest in geriatric medicine and is open to new patients, too.  He is very approachable and, like Dr. Barone, a great doctor.


For those patients with PPO plans you can choose the excellent physicians mentioned above.  I can also recommend Dr. Kevin Pimstone, an internist in West LA who  was my partner at UCLA for many years.  He is an exceptional clinician.  His address is 11645 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 901, Los Angeles, CA 90025 and his phone is 310.481.0481.


Those of you with HMO plans will be switched to either Dr. Ilham Barone or Dr. Sistoza automatically.  You may contact your individual plans should you wish to be switched to another primary care provider.


During the coming weeks I will be available to tie up any loose ends. Please feel free to call the office and speak with my front office person, Cynthia (310.306.6966, ext. 202) to set up follow-up appointments.  You can also use email to make appointments by going to www.drruman.com.  In addition, I am available by email for any specific issues including recommendations to other physicians.


In closing I want to thank you again for putting your trust in me to take care of you.  I will always value the information, stories, and emotions you have shared with me in confidence.


Be well and, of course, stay well!



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